Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Boo! - Are you Scaring Home Buyers Away?

Boo! - Are you Scaring Home Buyers Away?
Imagine what potential buyers would think as they walk up to your home.

From the street, they see overgrown bushes and question “does anyone live here?”  As they step out of their car the grass is ankle deep and they ask “should we go any further?”. One glance ahead, and the peeling paint on the handrails and posts makes them stop and think twice before taking the next step.

They finally muster up enough courage to venture on to the porch, and there it is, some kind of strange mysterious stain–what could this be?  As they reach for the door, out of the corners of their eyes, they see the cobwebs and the broken light fixture.  They fight the urge to run. But instead, grab the grimy doorknob, push open the creaky door and are overpowered by an odorous smell; and that's it! They just cannot go in!  Would you?

Sometimes, we get so comfortable with our surroundings, we forget to look at things from the buyers perspective.  Here are some tips on how NOT to Scare your buyers away:

If it's overgrown – Cut It
If it's peeling – Paint it
If it's broken – Fix it!
If it's dirty – Wash it
If it squeaks – Oil it

If you are having trouble determining whether or not you are scaring buyers away, I can help you see your home the way buyers do and help you beautify your home.  If you are a homeowner or Real Estate Agent looking for staging services in the Mooresville area, call me today for more details: 704-873-3566.

*Free Staging Package: Through a partnership with Realtor® Gary Fortune of Carolina Living Real Estate, all listing clients receive a free staging package. Call Gary Fortune for details: 704-658-5013.

Kay Fortune
ASP® Accredited Staging Professional
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