Free Home Staging Package

In order to make your house more attractive to prospective buyers, I, Kay Fortune, partner with Gary Fortune of Carolina Living Real Estate to provide all his listing clients with a free staging package which includes an initial on-site consultation, an evaluation and plan, and a 2-4 hour session where I will stage your house for you.

Every home is unique, so we provide customized plans for each property. After analysis of your home, we will develop and implement a strategy to optimize it's strengths, minimize distractions, and improve overall desirability.

Free staging services include:

1. Home Staging on-site Consultation

We will begin from the street and yard, then progress room-by-room through the house, looking at everything from a potential buyer's prospective. The goal is to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

2. Home Staging Review & Evaluation

After our analysis, we will provide a list of general recommendations for making homes more appealing to buyers - addressing such issues as repairs, curb appeal, clutter, de-personalization, etc..
Then we will take a photo inventory of areas which could be improved, using these to assist us in providing specific recommendations for your home.

3. Staging Plan and Specific Recommendations

Upon completion of the evaluation, we will provide a report detailing recommendations for you home. This will include suggestions for:
  • Space Planning
  • Furniture arrangement
  • Paint & color selections if necessary
  • Any other areas of opportunity

4. On-Site Design/Staging Session (2-4hrs)

After the homeowner has had time to choose and implement the recommendations they desire, we will return to stage the property, using the owner’s furnishings. We may also bring in staging props such as artwork, accessories, floral arrangements, or lighting from our inventory* when necessary for achieving the desired effect. This will be done prior to taking photos for the MLS® Listing.

Call us with any questions or to begin the process: 704-658-5013.

Kay Fortune
ASP® Accredited Staging Professional

*Inventory - Using our own inventory we can stage your property with artwork, accessories, greenery, and lighting. Availability of specific inventory items will vary. If props or accessories are lost or damaged, seller is responsible for reimbursement of replacement cost.

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